What is QHHT?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®) is a transformative experience that allows us to access the part of us that knows everything about us in this, and every other lifetime, we have ever lived. It can offer insight into situations and patterns in our current lives, help us to release blocks and has the capacity to support the body to heal.

Welcome to the metaphysical, where everything is possible and every session is an experience of self-discovery and self-healing.

  • Expect the Unexpected

    Every session is an ‘unknown’!!

    I do not dictate or lead you, your Higher Self takes you to the most appropriate time and place that contains essential information for your greatest good.

    This may result in regressing to a past life, progressing to future lives, moving to the time between death and life, the planning stage, meeting loved ones who have passed or other significant spiritual energies, and much more.

    I won't bring any expectations to the session and recommend you don’t either!

  • Limitations, Sabotage and Blocks

    Did you know that struggle and challenges are limitations of our own making? We can let these notions go.

    When we trust in the process and allow our Higher Self to show us what we need, we are working with least resistance and easily receive what we need. If blocks, limitations or sabotages are lodged in previous or ancestral lifetimes, the Higher Self can release them.

    I am excited to be able to support you on this unique path to self-discovery and wellness.

  • Session Information

    What are the main reasons why a person might seek QHHT®?

    • To obtain answers (our Higher Self knows everything about us)
    • To discover life purpose
    • To explore / confirm / release experiences in other lifetimes
    • To self-heal mental, emotional, physical, chemical or spiritual bodies
    • To obtain guidance about supporting wellness in this lifetime
    • To connect with those who have passed, guides, and reconnect with one’s Higher Self

More Information

Session Length

A session is generally around 3-4 hours long, however, this may be longer as we will take as much time as is necessary to obtain the answers you need. QHHT® sessions start at 8:30 am and finish around 12.30 Or start at about 1.30pm and finish around 4.30pm.

Session Location

All sessions are carried out in person.
You will need to come to our location in Dee Why NSW 2099. All information on this will be provided at check out.

If you require a session at your own home, this option is available, please select it at checkout.

Session Overview

Sessions are divided into 3 sections:

Section 1

This is the initial interview stage to establish your reasons for the session, understand your goals, obtain your history including significant life events/patterns and review your questions.

Section 2

The hypnosis session where you are gently guided into a naturally relaxed state of mind to activate Theta brain waves – similar to a sleep or just before falling asleep state. While you are in this state, you will connect with your Higher Self which provides information about the most significant events/lifetimes. It will also offer advice and guidance for this lifetime. You may be fully aware of all that is said, some of what is said or have no recollection of the session. A recording of the session is always provided via a secure Google Drive link and you are welcome to bring a USB to take a copy with you after the session. This part of the session is limited to approximately 2 hours.

Section 3

The post session discussion allows us to review the information that has been provided. At this point, we discuss the responses to your questions, the significance of information presented about past/future lifetimes and how it was influencing this lifetime, and finally, any guidance offered.


Please contact me if you suffer from significant hearing loss, bi-polar disorder or schizophrenia before making your appointment.

Session Value

One session is all that is required. However some people do enjoy coming again!

For regular channellers, a concessional session rate is available.

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Maximising this session

How To Prepare

Preparation is crucial in many aspects of life. Being well-prepared for this session will significantly enhance the results and the quality of information you can obtain.

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Session Tips

Before And After

Your guide has prepared some valuable tips for both before and after the session. These suggestions will help you maximize your experience and ensure you get the most out of your time.

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