qhht FAQ


What questions can I ask my Higher Self?

Your Higher Self is the part of you that holds all the answers from this and every lifetime you have ever experienced. No topic is ‘off limits’. You can ask about your health, life purpose, relationships, finances, past lives, and more… see Commonly asked Questions for ideas. Your Higher Self will provide all the answers that are appropriate for your highest good.

We recommend you start your list a few days before your session to allow time to develop your thoughts. Please PRINT OUT your questions and bring them to your session. (Please dont have them on your phone!)

Can I be hypnotised?

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state. Did you know just relaxing and watching your favourite TV program will quickly bring you to the first level of hypnosis? We all experience the deeper trance state used in QHHT® just before we go to sleep and just before we wake, as we pass through the Theta brain wave.So we find that most people dont have any issues with this type of hypnosis. However we also find that modern day humans are more consciously aware and awake. Which means that you might not always FEEL like you are in a trance state, even when you are in the deepest levels. 

Do some people have more resistance to hypnosis than others?

We are generally left or right brain focused. The Left Brain/Right Brain Dominance Theory supports the idea that the left is attuned to the logical, critical and analytic mind while the right is more focused on creativity, emotions, images and intuition. While we all use both sides, we can have a preference for one. Regardless of our preference, our natural curiosity is an excellent assistant for accessing this part of ourselves. If relaxation does not come for you as easily as it could, please help yourself by following the preparation instruction and practice meditation in the time before your session.

What if I don’t relax into the necessary level of hypnosis?

I have no expectations for your experience, and neither should you. In fact worrying about it can create anxiety about the process. You are encouraged to practice relaxation or meditation prior to your session, this will allow you to experience a deeper trance. If you have concerns about this please contact me to discuss them! Remember the outcome of the session will be exactly what is needed. And in line with your higher self master plan!

Does being in a hypnotic state mean I don’t have control over myself?

It is nothing like the once popular staged hypnosis tv or live shows!

QHHT® is often similar to a gentle meditative state. Regardless of the depth of the state you are in, you always maintain the ability to end the session if you feel the need to.

Will my Higher Self show me something I can’t cope with?

No. This will never be the case because your Higher Self has your well-being as its primary concern. It will not give you anything you are not ready for. It has infinite love and compassion for you and this is evidenced in all communication.

What if I don’t believe in past lives or reincarnation?

It is not necessary to believe in reincarnation to have a successful session. It is essential that you believe in your body and your Higher Self’s innate ability to heal itself. When we allow this possibility we are open to the information and insight our Higher Self offers us to help improve every area of our life. The Higher Self will present information as a story, a technicolour daydream or a sensation (feeling) to inform us what it is we need to learn and grow. This daydream can be made of moving images, static pictures, thoughts, feelings, sounds and emotions. Sometimes information is conveyed through sound or feelings. Regardless as to how we receive this information our Higher Self will support it with further explanations and answers. Bring an open mind, an air of curiosity, and the belief that your session will provide you with everything you need. 

What if I’m not good at visualising?

The part of the mind we will be working with is the part that we use to visualise in our everyday lives. We can visualise the dashboard of our car, create images in our mind as we read, bring to mind how it feels to touch a pet or listen to music. When we allow it to occur, visualising through any of our senses comes naturally and as a trained practitioner, I am here to guide you with this.

Will I remember my session?

You may remember all, some, or very little of the actual hypnosis session. Often we remember initially and then begin to forget. You will receive a recording of your session for information and to help with further healing. Part of the post-session process is to listen to the recording again and your Higher Self will provide information about this.

How many sessions will I need?

QHHT® is designed to be a ‘once only’ session. My goal is to make sure you receive all the answers you need. Some people seek a follow up session after 12 months to track their progress or seek further information, however, this is rare. Channellers seeking information downloads may have regular QHHT® sessions (if this applies to you, please ask about pricing arrangements).

Can I bring someone with me to the session?

No.This is a private and confidential therapy where we and our Higher Self need to feel secure and fully relax. You will be given an audio recording of the session and you may share this if you wish to.

Can I ask questions to help others?

We are all connected energetically and by helping ourselves and helping others we contribute to making the world a better place. You can ask about your family, friends, pets – IF it is in their and your highest good, you will receive an answer.

Do you offer sessions by distance?

I want your session to be amazing. I don’t offer distance sessions because your safety and positive experience are my priority. Distance sessions by FaceTime or Skype create a risk should the session timeout or disconnect mid-session.

Do YOU heal me and will I get a guarantee that I will be healed?

QHHT® is SELF-HEALING. I am only the session facilitator helping you to access this part of yourself to obtain information and allow you to address your issues. The results will vary according to individuals with some people experiencing significant mental, physical or spiritual transformations. Others experience marginal change and occasionally some people notice very little change. Our willingness to accept the process and embrace change influences the results. Read Testimonials - you will also find many on the Internet and Youtube.

How does healing occur?

Our body know what it needs to be well and it goes much further than suppressing uncomfortable symptoms. Energetically, surgically removing a dis-eased part of the body will not resolve the underlying issue. In fact, we often find that the body will bring another symptom to alert us to the source issue. Eventually, the body – our Higher Selves – will bring pain and suffering making it more difficult for the issue to be ignored. When we look to symptoms as messengers and address issues, our body can return to homeostasis. In clinic, for example, simply understanding the message can be enough to release a symptom such as an undiagnosable back pain. Our minds are powerful indeed.

Is QHHT® a replacement for medical care?

NEVER. Always promptly seek medical diagnosis and treatment if you have any health concerns. Once you have a diagnosis, use QHHT® to provide the underlying reasons for the imbalance. PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL CARE SHOULD NEVER BE DISREGARDED OR DELAYED FOR ANY REASON.

What happens after my session?

We will discuss the information provided by the Higher Self and the advice given. You will need time to re-orient yourself. You may feel a sense of exhilaration after your session. Some report feeling relaxed or tired. Remember, the duration of a session is unpredictable so avoid making plans afterwards. Further, the energetic state of rushing immediately after your session will interfere with processing and it contradicts the premise of nurturing yourself.

Drink plenty of water to release toxins, bring a light snack to help ground you afterwards and plan to retire at the usual time to maintain your body’s natural rhythm.

And get something to eat, to help ground you back!

Create time to relax and reflect on your wonderful experience, you deserve it.