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Inner Self Discovery

Slow and Flow

Slow and Flow

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1:1 available in person or online: 60 mins - 90 mins
Private group: 60 mins - 90 mins | enquire for pricing

A "slow and flow" breathwork session typically involves a gentle and rhythmic approach to conscious breathing aimed at promoting relaxation, stress reduction, and inner peace. Here's what you might expect from such a session:

  1. Introduction: The facilitator will provide an overview of the session, explaining the purpose and benefits of slow and flow breathwork. Participants may be encouraged to set intentions for their practice and create a calm and comfortable environment for the experience.

  2. Instruction: Participants will be guided through gentle breathing techniques designed to promote relaxation and a sense of ease. This may involve deep diaphragmatic breathing, synchronised with gentle movements or visualisations to enhance the flow of energy in the body.

  3. Breathwork Practice: Participants will engage in a period of slow, rhythmic breathing, focusing on the natural flow of the breath and allowing it to guide them into a state of deep relaxation. The pace of the breathwork may be adjusted to suit individual comfort levels, with an emphasis on cultivating a sense of ease and surrender.

  4. Mindful Awareness: Throughout the session, participants will be encouraged to cultivate mindful awareness of their breath and bodily sensations, allowing them to connect more deeply with the present moment and release any tension or stress held in the body.

  5. Integration: The session concludes with a period of rest and integration, allowing participants to fully absorb the benefits of the breathwork practice and integrate any insights or experiences that arise. This may involve gentle movement, meditation, or quiet reflection.

A slow and flow breathwork session can be a gentle yet powerful way to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and cultivate a greater sense of well-being. It's important to approach the practice with an open mind and a willingness to surrender to the natural rhythm of the breath.

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