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Breath Assesment

Breath Assesment

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1:1 available in person or online

Duration: 60 mins - 90 mins

Private group: 60 mins-90 mins | enquire for pricing

This is a comprehensive assessment of breathing and typically involves several components, including:

  1. Diaphragm Function: This can be assessed by observing the movement of the abdomen during breathing.

  2. CO2 Tolerance and Capacity: CO2 tolerance refers to the body's ability to tolerate higher levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) without experiencing discomfort or adverse symptoms. This is often assessed indirectly through tests or exercises that challenge the body's ability to tolerate elevated CO2 levels.

  3. Posture: Posture can significantly impact breathing mechanics. Assessing posture involves observing the alignment of the spine, rib cage, and shoulders to identify any abnormalities that may affect breathing efficiency.

  4. History of Ailments: A thorough medical history can provide valuable information about any respiratory conditions, past surgeries, injuries, or other factors that may affect breathing. This information helps in understanding the individual's respiratory health and any potential risk factors.

These assessments are part of a comprehensive evaluation of respiratory health and will help us to provide a personalised recommendation and intervention to improve breathing efficiency and overall respiratory function.

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